Your customers deserve a great experience each and every time

Unified commerce provides a consistent experience, regardless of the sales channel used.

Consistently great experiences for customers
worldwide, using any sales channel

Vapulus evolves the platform to meet your needs. POS acknowledges the return customers, uses their language,

their currency, their local payment methods, providing the same high standard checkout experience globally.


Siloed systems

Unified Commerce

Everything connected

Every industry can
interface via a unified
payments platform

Learn more about your customers to improve their 

payment experience.

Food and beverage

Keep your focus on the customer with our simplified



Our captured payments feature makes the billing seamless so your guests are awed by your customer satisfaction


You bring in shoppers from across all sales channels more efficiently while we make the technology happen.

Constantly adding the latest payment options to your arsenal

Wow your customers with features like:

Online returns accepted in-store

Loyalty programs and customer recognition with rewards

Safe and secure no contact payment options through mobile apps or kiosks

Your Dashboard gives you one place to view the whole business

Track your performance, capture new opportunities, and grow business using the unified payments dashboard.

Cutting edge technology

Our technology solutions are the best out there and give your

customers the shopping experience they are entitled to.

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