Recognize loyal shoppers and reduce fraud

Cut back on fraud with our data-driven risk 

management engine

Single payment integration
to tackle fraud

Our all-in-one payments platform alerts you to fraud online, 

in-store, in-app, and more. With all the data constantly 

available, improving customer satisfaction, increasing brand 

loyalty, and converting lookers to buyers is accomplished with 

one click. 

Deal with fraud the way you want

Our smart fraud system, using both machine learning and rule-based,

gives you full visibility

One solution

Increase your transaction with a transparent system


Always learning and adapting to better serve your needs

Full control

You’re in control

Identify the fraudster behind the transaction

Avoid the latest frauds and scammers while taking care of valued customers.

Fully transparent setup

By never hiding while a transaction was approved or rejected, 

you can react in the best way for your business.

Protected right way

Vapulus offers a world-class tool, that’s industry specific, used by major companies, intuitive to operate, and working from the moment you add it.

Individual risk services for
any business setup

We handle risk management

So you can focus on business growth and development 

Standalone Risk API

Is this available? The website says coming soon

The smart features your business needs

Behavioral analytics

Real time analytics track suspicious user behavior to prevent scripted or automated attacks

3D Secure 2

Don’t lose conversions; let 3D Secure 2 authenticate


Transaction linking

Real time graph analysis follows patterns to recognize and deter fraudulent transactions

Automatic chargeback response

Let the automated chargeback defense handle inquiries so you don’t have to.

Risk engine

Machine learning optimizes your fraud prevention strategy

Case management

Automated work flows, payment, IP, and location data provide a full overview.

Experiment and measure

Use the A/B testing feature for DDDM with either rule or machine learning, the replicate what works.

Businesses using Vapulus

An industry leader in online payments

Our products

Our fully connected single payments system lets you receive more approvals on every payment with local 

and global payment processing, data-driven optimizations, and high-powered risk management

Online payments

Everything you need to receive 

payment online

Point of sale

In-store payment and terminals



Flexible payment solution for 


Unified commerce

Create physical and virtual 


Web payments

Create physical andvirtual cards


Join the fight against fraud and maximize your revenue