Learn customer behavior using data-rich insights

Our dashboard provides you  a full view of how your 

customers are paying by displaying all payments data, 

reporting and much more.

Recognizing shoppers from multiple channels

Recognize your shoppers wherever they are with customer 

payment data from all sales channels and locations held in the 

same system. Supporting customer journeys like click and 

collect, cross-channel returns, and deliver a personalized 

experience across all sales channels can be done with ease, 

anywhere in the world.

See your payment flow in detail

With the Vapulus Customer Area, get a clear view of how the 

narrowest part of your sales funnel is performing.

A series of charts document each step of the payment flow, 

showing how many payments come in, how many are 

authorized and how many are finally settled. This means you 

can identify potential areas for improvement and take action 

where necessary

Know the reasons for approvals and declines

When a card is approved or declined, it affects the success or 

failure of your transactions. Vapulus connects directly to the 

card schemes, with access to ‘payment response’ data, 

helping you identify card-types or specific banks which cause 

problems. This positively impacts are total sales.

Reach out and touch the reports needed

The plethora of interactive reports available in the Customer 

Area enables you to deeply understand each phase of the 

payment flow. 

Daily and monthly versions of downloadable reports such as 

the Received Payment Details report, Capture and Refund 

report, along with high-level overviews such as the CFO-to-

Go report, containing all the necessary KPIs of your 

transactions are readily accessible in the Customer Area.

Make your card approval rates increase

Card approval rates soar as declines plummet with RevenueAccelerate, a suite of data-driven tools that work behind the scenes of every payment, delivering the best results.

Block fraudsters, not shoppers

Vapulus has RevenueProtect, a built-in risk management solution helping to optimize the balance 

between blocking fraudsters and approving genuine shoppers.

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