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Is Rolling reserve required by Vapulus?

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Does Vapulus support Subscription Model?
Does Vapulus WooCommerce Plugin support Subscription extension?

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Top 12 countries for chargeback rates in descending order

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Understanding the concept of high risk
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Integration Process

In about an hour,  you can use your technical skills to keep your own UI/UX with the Vapulus Hosted Session integration method for your mobile application:

  •       Add your App to your Vapulus workspace
  •       Get your App Credentials
  •       Create a Card Form
  •       Sample & Test Data

We don’t support the subscription model. IF the merchant manages his subscription model and he will let the end-user enter the OTP at the end of every subscription (changeable).

No technical skills required! In just 10 minutes, set up any WordPress website using WooCommerce with the Vapulus WooCommerce payment plugin:

  • Add a website to your Vapulus workspace
  • Get a Website ID
  • Add code to your Website
  • Sample & Test Data

Woocommerce supports only the websites built by wordpress.

Yes, it can be done if there is a mother company or the company has more than one website. We make one account and add more than one website, but each website must contain the name of the mother company. 

The process has two conditions:

  • First, the website must match the same business in the legal documents
  • Second, the name of the mother company must be in the footer of the other website. 

Yes, snippet code can be integrated to websites and mobile apps. To integrate with snippet code, you need to take the following steps: 

  • Create website
  • Add website
  • Copy snippet code
  • Add amount/ on accept/ on fail
  • Amount: The total the user pays in your account currency
  • On Accept: The URL for automatic redirect when the payment is made successfully
  • On Fail: The URL for automatic redirect if the payment fail

Vapulus doesn’t support the Shopify platform.

The integration with the Vapulus gateway with your site provides a Payment button on your online store page. 

Also, you can receive your payments through a pop-up page that contains the payment form.

Direct API

Hosted session. ( Mobile APP )

Snippet code (you can integrate with anyother Ecommerce platforms by Snippet Code like Magento and Wix, PHP )

  • Vapulus Plugin for WooCommerce
  • Vapulus Plugin for Prestashop
  • Vapulus Plugin for Open cart 

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