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What is a payment gateway?
What is Vapulus?

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What are the requirements to set up a merchant account?
Do I have to inform Vapulus of my total revenue per month?

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What are the types of integration Vapulus offers?
How do my end-users pay through the Vapulus Portal?

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What is PCI-DSS?
What Is Direct API?

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Is Rolling reserve required by Vapulus?

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Does Vapulus support Subscription Model?
Does Vapulus WooCommerce Plugin support Subscription extension?

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What are Exchange fees?
Can Vapulus process refunds?

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Top 12 countries for chargeback rates in descending order

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Understanding the concept of high risk
Factors that determine a high-risk business

Further Information

Yes, Vapulus Supports 2D Secured Cards plus The 3D Secured Cards.

The Egyptian Companies will be settled twice per week;

* On Monday, and on Thursday

Yes, we support Subscription model for such businesses, 

The business owner can ask his developer to add the subscription extension to the Woocommerce plugin and manage his customers’ subscriptions

Yes, you can add the subscription Extension to the Plugin to manage your end-users’ Subscription.

Yes, Vapulus support the two cases of subscription Model:

1) The Manual subscription model:

That let the end-user enter his card data on his own at every time he needs to renew the subscription 

2) The Recurring Subscription Model: 

This subscription model enables the Merchant to cut the amount of the subscription automatically from the card of the end user by adding a subscription extension to the Woocommerce Plugin of Payment

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