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Direct API / PCI Certification

  • Customer’s stay on your website at All times
  • Advanced API that is easy to integrate
  • Supports large transactional volumes
  • Perfect for building payment functionality into mobile applications

1) Vapulus facilitates the cost of coding as it takes time and money.

To be able to use Direct API, the solution which we offer is to provide you with PCI- Certified Servers ” Virtual Machines ”  and we share with you the credentials so that you can get the password and the key, to be able to use the Direct API integration through these servers.

This way, we can provide you with a PCI Solution.  This is a very quick workaround and much cheaper than obtaining your own PCI Certification.

Vapulus offers the PCI Certification with a cost of $ 16,000, plus we actually offer the Know-how and knowledge that helps the merchant technical team. So all the procedural files and documentations come from Vapulus as ready templates and this saves many steps in getting PCI Certificate and also this reduces the price of it.

We take at the first year $ 16000 and renewed annually for $ 12000  

2) Also, we can provide PCI Certified Virtual Machines as a Middle-environment, and we can work on google hosting, so we provide the secured environment on google and you can afford its billing.

In this way, we charge only $ 4200 annually for the secured environment we provide you with.

If you want to have your own PCI Certification, this costs you $60,000.

 This is actually why Payment gateways exist, to provide security and a comfortable and satisfying user-experience in the payment processing.

The Merchant needs to provide proof that his technological infrastructure:

  1. Front-end and back-end” is safe enough to keep the card info and Data. 
  2. Coding is secure enough that it can’t be hacked
  3. You, as an organization, need to understand the security principles at a proper level.

Direct API is the simplest integration method for retail software payment applications and websites.

The Direct API solution is a service dedicated to merchants that are seeking a direct connection to Payment Gateway.

To be accessible to use the Direct API Integration Method, you have to be PCI Certified, as the Direct API integration lets you accept payments on your website and mobile application only if you support PCI compliance at Level 1 or 2.

Direct API Integration enables merchants to keep their users’ card information and Data. This data is extremely sensitive, so it’s a global requirement that any payment processor, not only Vapulus, requires their merchants to be PCI Certified.

PCI-DSS stands for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard and is intended to protect sensitive cardholder data by placing tight controls surrounding the storage, transmission and processing of cardholder data that businesses handle. Since 2017, Vapulus has been PCI-DSS LEVEL1 certificated, having achieved the rigorous standards required for the internationally-recognized PCI-DSS LEVEL1 certificate.

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