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What is a payment gateway?
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Is Rolling reserve required by Vapulus?

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Does Vapulus support Subscription Model?
Does Vapulus WooCommerce Plugin support Subscription extension?

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What are Exchange fees?
Can Vapulus process refunds?

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Top 12 countries for chargeback rates in descending order

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Understanding the concept of high risk
Factors that determine a high-risk business

Additional Information

Rolling Reserve is required by the Payment gateways that deals with high risk businesses. The percentage of rolling reserve is usually determined in accordance with the payment gateway risk assessment.

The percentage may be 20% or 10 % of the total transactions reserved for 90 or 180 days as agreed between the payment gateway and the merchant.

Vapulus doesn’t require a rolling reserve and don’t apply such a measure as we don’t support high risk businesses.

To evaluate your business and see if it is a High Risk or not, kindly find below the attached questionnaire. 

Please fill it completely and send it back to us so that we can send it to the management to review it.

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