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The All Important Opening

Many times we wrap ourselves in our products.

Why not? We have been working for months putting our business together and

our products are what people want to buy.

When it comes to putting together a sales letter, we want to explain every little detail

so that our perspective can see exactly what they are getting when they make their purchase.

Is not this how it should be?

NO! The customer does not care about the nights spent in which you meticulously spent the

search for your product.

The customer wants to know only ONE thing:

What’s In It For Me? (WIIFM) If you can not answer this simple question, you will never be able to constantly sell your product or service.

In a sales letter or ad, you have less than two seconds to get the potential customer’s attention.

The first big mistake most people make is to start with a weak title.

If your title does not attract attention, anything you say in the copy of the body makes no sense.

The next biggest mistake is to start any copy with a “me” message. A “me” message is all about you and your business. For your perspective, the “me” messages are boring!

To attract the attention of potential customers, you have to talk about THEM, not you.

You must talk to their pleasure, their wealth, their challenges, their fears, their problems and their joys. Each perspective is tuned to the same radio station – WIIFM (as in “What’s In It For Me”).

One way to avoid it after writing your ad or sales copy is to re-read it and surround all the words “me”. Words like “I, me, us and ours” are words “I”. Rewrite the copy using “you” and “your” words, making it more interesting and exciting for your perspective.

Imagine how fun it would be to see your profits go over the roof.

To do this, you must clearly bring out your company and your competition as well. You have to convey your uniqueness without spending a fortune, and the secret is all in the sales copy.

You have to create a Unique Sales Proposal (U.S.P.) What are the prospects that your competitor can not or can not offer?

Maybe it’s a better guarantee, better service, availability (reached after 9 to 5), a better position or better treatment for the customer.

Whatever you can do to set up your business / services in addition to your competition gives you the “advantage”.

Something that many entrepreneurs do not understand or are mistaken is the “length” of the guarantee they offer. Offering the customer a “2 year warranty without questions” is much better than a “90 days”
Money Back Guarantee.”

The longer the warranty, the more credible you and your company are “perceived” from your perspective. Generally, most of your customers will never use the “2 year warranty”. Let’s face it, at that point they like to use your product and / or lost the sales coupon long ago. BUT, when a potential customer reads the longest warranty you are offering, it increases their comfort level and makes them choose you over the competition.

Always remember that when you’re a small fish in a big pond, you have to be different to distinguish yourself. Making use of a good advertising copy full of words that make prospects want to satisfy their WIIFM is the answer.

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