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Can Social Bookmarking Help Me?

You’ve probably heard a lot about social bookmarking lately. As a matter of fact, you can spend hundreds of dollars right now to discover what it is all about. Well, not here. I give you this information. I did the research and found out that this is an excellent way to get more traffic to your site. The best news is that it is 100% FREE.

What is Social Bookmarking?

It is a public list of your favorites. Not all your favorites, only the people you want to share with others. You can add any website to your public list and retrieve it from any computer. (This is done on someone else’s server, not on your computer)

When you list a site in your bookmark list, anyone searching for that same type of information can do a search on the bookmarks site and find the sites you have marked as bookmarks. It’s like a search engine without all the garbage.

When you search for a search engine, you get all the sites that have something to do with the keywords you entered in the search box. It is easy to get a lot of junk sites that are loaded with keywords but have little content on the current site.

The best thing about social bookmarking sites is that the only sites you will find are other people who have seen them and are worth saving for future reference. Real people have decided to save (mark) the sites, not the robots. Real people also supervise the sites, so if garbage is added, it is removed soon.

The more people mark a site as favorites, the more popular it becomes. As an example, let’s say you’re selling widgets at a really good price. Mark your home page in many public bookmarking sites. When someone is looking for a widget, they do a search on the bookmarks site and their bookmark appears. They go to see their site and decide that their prices are so good that they may want to come back later when they need another widget. So they add your site to your bookmarks for future reference.

When someone goes to one of these sites and writes widgets in the search box, their list of sites will appear in the search. If many people have marked your site as a favorite, it will be included in the search results. It’s like a voting system. If your site is good enough to mark, other people will want to see what it is about.

Unlike search engines where you have good results, you will find on social bookmarking sites that other people enjoyed enough to save. You really do not have a good place to appear in the search engines.

How do you start?

Do a search for social bookmarking, many sites will emerge. Go to each site and register to obtain an account. It’s free! Once you have set up your account, start listing your site. Be sure to add appropriate labels to your list.

Tags are the same as keywords with a spin. These sites will tell you what are the most popular searches on your site. You choose the tags that will work with your site or page and are also part of the popular list. Many of the sites will also offer a place to write a short description of the site you are marking. Add a description that uses some of the tag words for an additional benefit.

Building popularity

As with anything worthwhile, it will take a while for everything to be ready and running smoothly, but the end result will be worth it.

Start with a bookmarks site and a page of your site. (Start with your compression page and create your list of bulletins) Set up your account with the bookmarks site and add your page to the bookmarks. Make sure you use the best labels and descriptions you can. (Check the popularity list on the site) Doing this in itself will help you get more traffic. Now you can go a step further and work on both sides of the system.

Add a link to your site that will guide you to the bookmarking site that has your page marked. Ask your visitors to bookmark their site on the social bookmarking site.

My example is below

Mark my site on and access from any computer, at any time. Create a link to the bookmarks site so that your visitors only have to click.

You want to make sure that the page opens in a new window so that when the visitors finish setting up their account, they still have their page at hand to dial.

Next page

Now go to the next page. You will want to offer a different bookmarking site on each page. Why? So you can get as many bookmarks on as many sites as possible. Use the same information in the previous example, but change the social bookmarking site that you promote.

Would not it seem strange to your visitors? No. Most people will ignore the suggestion once they have marked their site. You will not even notice that the name of the link has changed. You see, they will mark my site and they will think: “I already did it”, and they will go on.

Final note:

No SPAM sites. Make sure what you are listing is relevant and useful. If you do not want to attract traffic to a page that has only links, you will probably be excluded from the bookmarks site. Just mark your pages that have real content. Ask yourself if you would really add this page to your favorites list. If your answer is no, then do not list it.

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