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7 signs of an entrepreneur

 Do you have the right personality to successfully manage your business? </ H2>

It takes an entrepreneurial fire in your tummy to <a href=””> start a business </a> and make it.

Not everyone has it. 

How do you know if you have what it takes to start a business?

There is really no way to know for sure.

But I find things in common between the emotional and family fabric of people ready

to consider an entrepreneurial enterprise. </ P>
<p> You do not have to adapt all seven of these categories to be a good candidate for entrepreneurship. But it probably would not hurt. In general, the more you have in common with these characteristics, the closer you are likely to be ready to try to go out on your own. </ P>
<P> 1. Come from a line of people who could not work for someone else. I do not mean this in a negative way. People who have been successful in establishing their business tend to have parents who have worked for themselves. It is usually easier to find a job with a company than starting your own business; people who hit on their own often often have the direct example of a parent to look at. </ P>
<p> 2. You are a bad employee. There is no need to sugar this. People who start their own business tend to be fired or dismiss more than one job. I am not saying that you were fired for lack of work or transferred from a job to a more remunerative one. You were asked to leave, or you stopped before they could fire you. Think of this as the market that tells you that the only person who can actually motivate and manage yourself is yourself. </ P>
<p> 3. See more than one definition of “job security”. I’m really envious of the few people I know who have been with an employer for 25 or 30 years. They look very safe. But how many people do you know I can stay with a company for so long? In a rapidly changing economy, job security can be frighteningly fleeting. </ P>
<P> 4. You have gone as far as possible, or you will not go anywhere.

Sometimes the motivation for starting a new business comes from having reached the top of the pile where you are, looking around and saying “<a href =” “> What are the prospects </a>? ” Early successes can be wonderful, but early retirement can sometimes drive energetic and motivated people who are totally crazy. </ P>
<P> 5. You have already done market research. Do not even talk to me about your business idea if you do not have time to understand if there is a market for your product or service. As the people behind any number of failed Internet businesses will tell you, “cool” does not necessarily translate into “profitable”. Do not worry about building it if you do not understand if there is a good chance that customers will arrive. </ P>
<P> 6. You have the support of your family. <a  Starting a business </a> is stressful under the best circumstances. Trying to do it without the support of your spouse or other important family or friends would probably be unbearable. </ P>
<P> 7. You know you can not do it alone. You could excel in promoting an activity. Perhaps you like managing the financial part of the company. You could be someone who starts a business because you have a unique technical or creative know-how to create a product. </ P>
<p> This may be possible, but it is unlikely that you can excel in all of these activities or in all the activities involved in managing any business. Forget everything you do alone. You will need help sometimes.
The willingness to get that help – having employees, partners or consultants for those areas where you’re not an expert – is an indicator of likely future success. “No successful entrepreneur has ever succeeded on his own”, writes development consultant Ernesto Sirolli in “Ripples From the Zambezi”. “The person who is most capable of enlisting the support of others is most likely to succeed.” 

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