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7 marketing mistakes to avoid when you promote your business 1

Many people rush into the business thinking it will be easy to manage, but very soon they realize that it’s not as easy as it sounds. A successful business is a finely tuned machine. In order to keep your business running smoothly, it is important to avoid making mistakes.

Here are the 7 most common mistakes to avoid:

1. Not having clear objectives: many entrepreneurs start an activity without clear objectives. They fail to set realistic goals for their marketing and consequently prepare for failure. It is important to draw up a list of objectives and objectives based on a quarterly timeline. If you do not have business goals and objectives, you’re like a car driving without a road map. Make sure all employees are informed about the company’s goals. When your employees are not properly prepared, you will not be able to achieve business goals.

2. Disregarding your potential customers is a dangerous mistake. It can lead to many problems. When we do not analyze the needs and needs of our customers, we do not know which products and services to develop for them. This will lead to addressing the wrong market and neglecting to understand its niche market. It is important for any company to carry out its marketing analyzes so that it can target its market and maximize sales.

3. Do not test: by not testing your sales copy and the places where you advertise your advertising with split tests, you will lose sales. The testing division is simple but many companies fail to do so. This translates into a lot of lost time and effort. If you do not test your advertising campaigns and marketing promotions, you will not have a clear idea of ​​the ads and promotions that are pulling and what’s not working. It’s simple to do by placing 2 ads for the same product in a publication or website etc. You can then see which one is giving the best.

4. Non-budget: the budget is extremely important in the business world. Your business should never run out of money. This is especially true for your marketing and advertising initiatives. It is important to have a monthly or quarterly budget for your marketing. Within this budget, put aside the money for each promotion you make. Start small, try and then accumulate successes. This will allow you to always remain solvent and to have enough for promotions.

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